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Apple "Between 2009 and 2011, Apple acquired three mapping companies in quick succession: Placebase, in 2009; 3-D mapping outfit Poly9 in 2010; and in 2011, C3 Technologies, a second 3-D mapping company. Three mapping-company acquisitions in as many years. But for good reason: Apple has been hard at work developing its own in-house mapping solution for iOS, and now it's finally ready to debut it." I'm probably crazy, but I've never used the map applications on my mobile phones, so it's difficult for me to get excited about this.
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No it isnt
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Right now, I'd like one to point me to the nearest ATM. Google Maps is close to useless (I'd find one sooner without the map), and Ovi Maps misses some (but is infinitely better for my location). And this is the kind of thing you only need in Outer Suburbia, not in Central Metropolis where it will be supported anyway.

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