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Windows "The new changes include several new lock-screen images, the Windows Store tile is now green, and the small magnifying glass in the bottom right corner when you scroll has changed to a simple square. While nothing major, they are representative of the across-the-board tweaks we expect to see when the Release Preview hits the digital shelves in June." So, nothing to address the core issues with Windows 8's mouse/keyboard-hostile environment. Sad.
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RE: changes, d'oh
by maccouch on Sat 12th May 2012 15:09 UTC in reply to "changes, d'oh"
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oh, it will have an impact all right..

it's just everyone is anxiously waiting to see if it will just be a massive clusterf**k that will reshape the world of IT as we know it or just another VIsta/WinME crash and burn.

Either way, we're anxiously waiting for it, with the popcorns, judging remarks and some unavoidable scorn by the sheer dumbness (by MS) this is.

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