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Windows "The new changes include several new lock-screen images, the Windows Store tile is now green, and the small magnifying glass in the bottom right corner when you scroll has changed to a simple square. While nothing major, they are representative of the across-the-board tweaks we expect to see when the Release Preview hits the digital shelves in June." So, nothing to address the core issues with Windows 8's mouse/keyboard-hostile environment. Sad.
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Comment by hoak
by hoak on Sat 12th May 2012 16:33 UTC
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Thom's remark about 'mouse/keyboard-hostile environment' ARE on the side of the facts; the Windows 8 UI is vastly more mouse/keyboard intensive, requiring more user input then the previous OS not less; this is NOT an improvement.

Remarks like 'it works fine' and 'you get used to it' also apply to living in caves, eating raw meat, going barefoot in winter and drinking out of the same pond you shit and piss in...

Where the Windows 8 UI could actually have offered improvements that made the Destop/Workstation application of the OS both more utilitarian, efficient and practical, along the lines of a TWM -- it does not...

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