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Internet & Networking "The Russian based 'Pirate Pay' startup is promising the entertainment industry a pirate-free future. With help from Microsoft, the developers have built a system that claims to track and shut down the distribution of copyrighted works on BitTorrent. Their first project, carried out in collaboration with Walt Disney Studios and Sony Pictures, successfully stopped tens of thousands of downloads." Each of which, naturally, ran out to buy the film in question right away, recouping the costs for hiring the firm. None of these people, naturally, simply tried again a few hours later. Primo plan, guys.
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by andih on Sun 13th May 2012 20:24 UTC
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Incredible that they dont have better things to do, than add more drm and bullshit to this world.

I really hope win8 will be the beginning of the end of MS stupid defacto monopoly on desktop side of things..

Shutting down piracy would ironically hurt them a lot, because more people would realize how wonderful things are on the FOSS side of things.

Thanks to open source, I have a excellent, featureful, stable, and nobullshit system, not asking for registrating, validations, and licensekeys.

eat shit microsoft

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