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Windows I may not be particularly enamoured with how badly Windows 8 handles mouse, keyboard, and window management right now, but as far as under-the-hood improvements go, Microsoft is packing. They're redone much of the chkdsk utility, but they forgot to fix one important thing: rename the darn thing to checkdisk already!
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RE: What is so significant?
by malxau on Sun 13th May 2012 23:57 UTC in reply to "What is so significant?"
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From reading the linked text it seems to me as if MS just separated detecting filesystem errors and fixing them.
So now a FS scan can be run while the FS is online. Only for fixing errors the FS has to taken offline for a short while. (And it does not work for very severe FS damage, in those cases the scan still has to be offline)

It can fix certain errors while remaining online (referred to in the article as self healing.) Per the article, this has been improved to handle more things online in Windows 8.

ReFS does not have a chkdsk, and it can perform salvage entirely online.

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