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Linux Lennart Poettering, the author of systemd, has announced: "I just put a first version of a wiki document together that lists a couple of easy optimizations to get your boot times down to [less than] 2s. It also includes a list of suggested things to hack on to get even quicker boot-ups."
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"modern systems"
by Gullible Jones on Mon 14th May 2012 00:12 UTC
Gullible Jones
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The document specifies that it works best on systems with SSDs. IOW computers that will boot in a few seconds using a normal init system. A 2-second boot on a machine with an SSD is not what I'd consider a big win.

I'll also note that

a) Last time I set up Arch Linux on my netbook - using sysvinit, and a normal hard disk drive - it booted to the login screen in about 10 seconds. This wasn't a major feat either, all I had to do was customize the initrd and background a few daemons.

b) Boot time contests don't matter, because desktop environments like Gnome 3 and KDE 4 have bloated to the point that login is now slower than the rest of the boot process. Right now Ubuntu can take 20 seconds to get to the login screen, and 30 to get Unity into a usable state.

(And I don't know about you, but I care about the login time more than the boot time.)

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