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Windows I may not be particularly enamoured with how badly Windows 8 handles mouse, keyboard, and window management right now, but as far as under-the-hood improvements go, Microsoft is packing. They're redone much of the chkdsk utility, but they forgot to fix one important thing: rename the darn thing to checkdisk already!
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by Morph on Mon 14th May 2012 00:53 UTC
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From the linked blog post on ReFS:

"Q) What semantics or features of NTFS are no longer supported on ReFS?

The NTFS features we have chosen to not support in ReFS are: named streams, object IDs, short names, compression, file level encryption (EFS), user data transactions, sparse, hard-links, extended attributes, and quotas."

Some questionable choices there... compression and encryption I can understand as not worth the complexity, but quotas are surely essential for servers? And transactions, IMO, are a good step forward in reliability, and only a few years old too. Those of us with Haiku/Syllable sympathies will be sorry to see the loss of extended attributes. Let's hope these find their way to ReFS after all.

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