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Linux Lennart Poettering, the author of systemd, has announced: "I just put a first version of a wiki document together that lists a couple of easy optimizations to get your boot times down to [less than] 2s. It also includes a list of suggested things to hack on to get even quicker boot-ups."
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RE[4]: Comment by Drumhellar
by ssokolow on Mon 14th May 2012 04:19 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by Drumhellar"
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"Functionality is more important to me than raw login speed .....

Use a tiler (Xmonad, dwm...etc). You'll get both speed and functionality. ;)

The funny thing is, I've actually been meaning to swap out LXPanel and Openbox for AwesomeWM for a while now... I just haven't had time to implement the hybrid tiling/floating mouse/keyboard interaction I want in Lua yet.

...and I'm not sure whether the Lua API for AwesomeWM is powerful enough to implement drag handles for adjusting the tile sizes. I might have to expedite my plans to learn Haskell and just de-GNOMEify Bluetile.

(Bluetile is a attempt to make XMonad friendly enough for the average GNOME 2.x user but it's too GNOMEy for me even though it implements more of the features I want in a tiler than any other tiler config I've ever seen)

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