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Linux Lennart Poettering, the author of systemd, has announced: "I just put a first version of a wiki document together that lists a couple of easy optimizations to get your boot times down to [less than] 2s. It also includes a list of suggested things to hack on to get even quicker boot-ups."
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Alot of people here think boot time doesn't matter. I know hibernation makes boot times less frequent and less relevant to some people. However sleep/hibernation modes represent a great deal of complexity between OS/BIOS/hardware, and is frequently the cause of driver bugs. If turning on a computer was as fast as waking it up from sleep, then it might eventually enable a OS to do away with the ugly complexities of hibernation.

In my opinion one should be able to turn on and use a computer much like they turn on and use a TV - only waiting for the display to "warm up".

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