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Internet & Networking "The Russian based 'Pirate Pay' startup is promising the entertainment industry a pirate-free future. With help from Microsoft, the developers have built a system that claims to track and shut down the distribution of copyrighted works on BitTorrent. Their first project, carried out in collaboration with Walt Disney Studios and Sony Pictures, successfully stopped tens of thousands of downloads." Each of which, naturally, ran out to buy the film in question right away, recouping the costs for hiring the firm. None of these people, naturally, simply tried again a few hours later. Primo plan, guys.
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Buy, steal, whatever!
by Ninjawidget on Mon 14th May 2012 07:16 UTC
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So whomever buys their movies well done, if you steal then boo, but I watch movies at the cinema, I'll watch dvd's friends have bought legit. I will admit that this year I've only had to buy two dvd's. Is it price? No, they're pretty cheap, or they are in the UK anyways, but do I watch pirated stuff? No, why should i need to see some dodgy cam recorded rubbish, when I can go see the movie and have a great night out as well? Perhaps if you're stuck in your mom's basement you need to do things the dodgy way, but then again you're probably getting wrist strain from all that porn you're stupid enough to watch.

BUT, what I do find disturbing is the fact that someone has effectively created a "Legal" worm that will seek you out and close your port or whatever. It's like a virus that may be passed on to those who are legitimately using torrents to download stuff such as Linux ISO's etc. It only takes some troll etc to alter something on the torrent to mark it as copyrighted and the worm will mess things up really badly.

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