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Windows The partnership between Nokia and Microsoft deepens. Updates to Nokia Lumia devices change the Marketplace tile to a specific Nokia tile - unheard of for Windows Phone, which is governed by strict rules. This is part of the Tango update. Is this an innocent change, or the prelude to fragmentation, or worse - a fork? While that's probably a little dramatic, this probably does worry the other Windows Phone OEMs.
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RE[4]: "The other WP OEMS"?
by TemporalBeing on Mon 14th May 2012 13:29 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: "The other WP OEMS"?"
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This isn't Nokia having their own store, this is Nokia having their own segment of the existing store.

Samsung has one, so does HTC and LG. Even operators have them. So this is likely just a deep link into that store.

Nokia's agreement gives them a lot more capability to do what they want with WinPhone than any other manufacturer got. So it could be they are using their existing App store (Ovi).

So since they already have their own App Store (Ovi) it's a top up between which they would use.

Would they segment Ovi to have a Windows portion? Or would they get a segment of Microsoft's and then have to pay a fee to Microsoft for access to it, etc?

One arrangement benefits Nokia better, while the other benefits Microsoft and the Windows Eco-system better.

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