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FreeBSD "The intent is to switch on this option by default rather sooner than later, so we can start preparing for shipping 10.0-RELEASE with Clang as the default system compiler, and deprecating gcc." Good to see Clang/LLVM continue to gain as much steam as it does. This will only make GCC better.
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GNOME and Linux
by robmv on Mon 14th May 2012 14:54 UTC
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God for them, another good compiler is good for everyone. I only wish that when GNOME (and other DEs) start talking about better integration with Linux kernels and systemd and other GPLs technologies, BSD people do not start to cry because those teams want it.

They want a compiler compatible with their license that will allow it to be better integrated with their code (IDEs, static analysis, etc). I want better integration of my desktop with the underlying OS

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