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FreeBSD "The intent is to switch on this option by default rather sooner than later, so we can start preparing for shipping 10.0-RELEASE with Clang as the default system compiler, and deprecating gcc." Good to see Clang/LLVM continue to gain as much steam as it does. This will only make GCC better.
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RE: GNOME and Linux
by cfgr on Mon 14th May 2012 15:23 UTC in reply to "GNOME and Linux"
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Requiring dependencies on optional components (what does the boot process have to do with a desktop?) is typically a sign of a bad software architecture.

A better design is modular so that you can add extra functionality on Linux but still keep it operational on other systems as well (either without that specific functionality or with a similar one specific to that system). Having a hard requirement is just lazy and such an attitude typically leads to code that is less stable, harder to maintain and more difficult to adapt if systemd is replaced by the next best thing.

From my own experience, keeping cross platform/compiler compatibility is a good thing even if you care about one platform only. Not just from a programming point of view, it also keeps options open for the future.

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