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Windows I may not be particularly enamoured with how badly Windows 8 handles mouse, keyboard, and window management right now, but as far as under-the-hood improvements go, Microsoft is packing. They're redone much of the chkdsk utility, but they forgot to fix one important thing: rename the darn thing to checkdisk already!
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RE: What is so significant?
by REM2000 on Mon 14th May 2012 15:23 UTC in reply to "What is so significant?"
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yeah the one key feature missing is data checksums to know if the data has become silently corrupted.

The changes look good and should really speed up workstations and servers, its the servers im especially looking forward to, i hate having to take them offline to do a thorough check.

I don't think ive come across a file system being completely un-salvageable under NTFS (excluding dynamic volumes) Ive had data corruption but generally the rest of the file system has managed to stand up to it. Overall i find NTFS a solid FS, handles errors well, as well as many files of all types, even when i don't safely unplug external disk drives.

Completely off topic, i just wish Apple would invest in HFS+ or replace it with something else (ZFS would be ideal if it wasn't for the memory overhead). As i find this the least stable of all filesystems ive used.

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