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Linux Lennart Poettering, the author of systemd, has announced: "I just put a first version of a wiki document together that lists a couple of easy optimizations to get your boot times down to [less than] 2s. It also includes a list of suggested things to hack on to get even quicker boot-ups."
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RE: Sorry but...
by Delgarde on Tue 15th May 2012 00:45 UTC in reply to "Sorry but..."
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I know, one shouldn't always have to deal with configuration files, but what was so bad about having them set up automatically by some configuration fronted (or script that runs on installation) and then can be easily configured by hand. Also, why did everyone start using XML? Were other formats really a problem and wouldn't something like YAML or (I can't believe I am saying this) even INI files be better and preferred by most admins?

Oh, hey - your wish is granted. Systemd *doesn't* use XML for its configuration files. And thankfully, it doesn't use YAML either - that's a good readable format, but kind of obscure, dragging in extra libraries to parse it. No, Systemd uses INI files, nice and readable by humans, and easily parsed without needing to link against special libraries.

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