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Apple "I think that Apple could be just as strong and good and be open, but how can you challenge it when a company is making that much money?", Wozniak told a crowd in Sydney, according to ITNews. They'd score so many brownie points the internet would explode.
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Hello everybody,

First of all, sorry for my english. As you'll quickly notice it's not very good ;-)

Even if it's only annecdotical, I just want to answer on this one

Nobody is forced to use their products (I don't). Just leave them alone and move on.

You're right... For private buyers.

I work in the headquarter of a quiet big company (for Switzerland) and have to fight everyday agains the wanna be system engineers that want to show me how much better Apple is than the PCs we gave them.

As long as these people are simple users it's not a problem... BUT when leaders (Without any idea how IT works) of this company (or friends of these leaders) start to ask you everyday about that, it becomes much more complicated.

We have about 20 Apple boxes and these machines causes more trouble than the 500 win7 boxes. USERS of these apple boxes are also a pain in the a... They will NEVER accept that their Apple box could be the cause of a problem or an incompatibility.

I don't even talk about the lack of interoperability of iPhones and iPads with the rest of the world.

From what I've heard from other system engineers it's a quiet common situation in other companies too.

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