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Apple "I think that Apple could be just as strong and good and be open, but how can you challenge it when a company is making that much money?", Wozniak told a crowd in Sydney, according to ITNews. They'd score so many brownie points the internet would explode.
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That's their lobby a few years ago to make jail breaking illegal, this is something different than your claim they were sending cease and desist letters.

At least in the US jail breaking is legal.

Actually I claimed both things and made the biggest emphasis on this particular item. And this item alone backs up my argument that Apple are proactively trying to control how people use their own hardware.

As for the cease and desist letters, they have definitely happened as I remember a wiki getting taken down after receiving one. However once the site goes offline (as it does when people stop visiting due to the core content being removed), the evidence you want goes with it. Which is probably why your search came up blank.

Well, that's the deal they offer and you can take it or leave for Android, WP or BlackBerry. Don't know about Amazon, but apps with a Dropbox function are back.

If we were talking about Microsoft people would cry foul. But because it's a cool company making desirable products then it's OK?

Okay, but what's in it for Apple?

A better platform? People jailbreak because they find the app store's restrictions oppressive. You only have to look at the number of cool apps outside of the official app store to see how intrusive Apple's T&Cs are.

I live in many different worlds, but I'm seeing that Apple is making loads of money so it's hard to claim they are doing it wrong.

Where did I say that? Seriously, where?
Please, for the love of God, stop making shit up and stating they're my arguments.

I'm not accusing Apple for doing it wrong. Goggle have a very different business model and I don't think they're doing it wrong either. All I'm asking is Apple relax their obsessive grip over the entire ecosystem and allow paying customers to use their device without being criminalised for it.

Any iDiot can use an iPhone and figure out how everything works. Most people prefer simple, why complicate it? Apparently iOS users are more active users of their device than other users. I think complicated devices don't motivate users to use them.

Your suggestions complicates the situation and doesn't offer Apple any benefits. Why should they do this while gaining nothing in return?

Do you not understand the concept of "opt out"? It means users have a normal platform and more advanced users who know what they're doing and specifically choose to can then do so with the minimum of fuss. The alternative you offer means users have to jailbreak their hardware - which is MASSIVELY more complicated than an opt out.

So your own argument is a contradiction.

It sounds like your making the whole iOS ecosystem much more complicated and open to malware. Opting in, out, different app stores, so probably different accounts.

Yeah, lets just ignore ***EVERYTHING*** I've just posted and revert back to your same ignorant opinion shall we? *rolleyes*

I don't suppose there's any chance of you actually meeting in the middle with some of these arguments, or is that against the EULA you agreed to when signing up for iZealot?

This is also why fanboys (in any camp, not just Apple nutjobs) are essentially just bigots. It seems fail to budge on any single point - regardless of how insignificant that point might be. For once it would be nice for an Apple fan to say "Yes, I agree that xyz is a little naff / whatever" even if they just go on to say "but personally I don't mind that" or "for me the other benefits out way it's faults". Hell, I've been more than reasonable in this discussion as if we're supposed to be playing up to our stereotypes then I should be calling for Apple to release all their code as GPLv3. But even as a full time Linux user I know such ideologies are retarded and have even stated that Apple are better off keeping the code itself closed. So why can't you guys acknowledge good points when raised in friendly discussions? As all I ever get is BS spin or just ignored completely.

It's no fscking wonder Apple arguments on here nearly always end up in stalemate given that everyone is to damn proud to credit a good rebuttal.


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