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Windows For weeks - if not months - I've been trying to come up with a way to succinctly and accurately explain why, exactly, Windows 8 rubs me the wrong way, usability-wise. I think I finally got it.
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by jnemesh on Tue 15th May 2012 16:04 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: um"
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2008-04-08 can go to Linux! ;)

In all seriousness, this is going to finally push me to move to Linux. Although, really, its going to be less painful than my last attempt back in 2006...there is a LOT better support for the hardware that is out there, and software wise, there is a lot less compromise in the quality of available apps that run native under Linux.

People are starting to realize that they don't NEED Windows anymore. If you give them an alternative that works better, is more secure, and is actually easier to use than Windows, they WILL switch!

8 years ago, when I attempted to run Fedora 5, installing applications was a TOTAL pain! It took me HOURS just to get Adobe Flash working and playing nice with Firefox! Now, they have one-click installations and app stores. Click on what you want, and it loads. The geeky command line stuff is still there, but the average non-geek doesn't ever have to see it!

In short, the only thing going for Windows is MOMENTUM, and with Windows 8, they are going to kill even that advantage. By forcing people to learn a new OS regardless of what they choose, I think you will find many that are more willing to learn Linux than learn to live with Windows 8!

P.S. I don't even want to HEAR what you guys think about Windows 9...if Windows 9 is the saving grace of MS, they are DOOMED, because by the time Win9 is released, Windows in general will be even MORE irrelevant than it is now!

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