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Apple "I think that Apple could be just as strong and good and be open, but how can you challenge it when a company is making that much money?", Wozniak told a crowd in Sydney, according to ITNews. They'd score so many brownie points the internet would explode.
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Apple has essentially destroyed the market for traditional windows PC's. This is similar to how the ebook has basically destroyed the market for traditional printed books. Apple's strategy of extinguish and re-imagine works quite well. As the market for PC's shrinks into oblivion, the Mac, will continue to hold onto its users. As much as I love the ipad, i would NEVER Sacrifice my Mac. If I can have both, Great, but Ipad only, NO WAY. Apple's market-share for Desktop Computers will start to rise sharply as the number of windows users declines. Once Microsoft has thrown in the towel on the "Dead" desktop market, Apple will be left to Re-imagine the spoils.

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