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Windows For weeks - if not months - I've been trying to come up with a way to succinctly and accurately explain why, exactly, Windows 8 rubs me the wrong way, usability-wise. I think I finally got it.
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Xubuntu, my solution
by gagol on Wed 16th May 2012 03:15 UTC
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I for one don't like the trend of devoting huge chunks of ram, OPENGL and CPU just to run a "COOL" interface that try to think for me, please let my apps use the resources. It just reminds me clippy and annoy me. The WIMP is very effective, everybody knows how it works and it is very flexible, and that is why I switched to XFCE through Xubuntu. I use it to do some light nodejs development, 3D work in blender, video with Cinelerra, edit my vectors using Inkscape, work my audio files using Audacity... and it just works and get out of the way.

The only thing it lacks is a more comprehensive settings manager out of the box.

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