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Apple The next frontier for Apple - and other technology companies - to conquer: the television market. Terry Gou, chairman of Foxconn, has confirmed his company will be building a television for Apple in conjunction with Sharp. Since I bought a brand-new top-of-the-line TV late last year, I've been thinking a lot about what could be improved about the state of TV today, and as crazy as it seems, I'm actually not that dissatisfied.
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RE: Unfortunately for Apple...
by chrisbarton on Wed 16th May 2012 14:35 UTC in reply to "Unfortunately for Apple..."
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I think you're right. Apple will insist they had more rights to the iTV brand than the UK-based ITV broadcasting company...

Whilst on the subject of branding, I must say that I'm not overly impressed by Apple's branding - sticking an "i" in front of everything doesn't make it cool. Will customers be queuing up for the next iSee or rather last year's iSaw. (iSore?). I suppose if they invented a hitech shiny hoover with built in wifi and gestures, they'd call it the iSuck?

Also the same-same "Apple look" is starting to bore. I admit they make nice products, but can I have it in black or brushed metal? Maybe a nice minimalist apple logo in the corner rather than the fat glowing apple in the middle (also conveniently featured in nearly every movie - product placement alert!). Maybe some serious customisation options of their OS might make it more interesting too.

So yeah - I think Apple could perhaps come up with a new look, concept, whatever...time for something fresh!


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