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Apple "I think that Apple could be just as strong and good and be open, but how can you challenge it when a company is making that much money?", Wozniak told a crowd in Sydney, according to ITNews. They'd score so many brownie points the internet would explode.
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RE: Dumb Apple.
by steve_s on Wed 16th May 2012 19:44 UTC in reply to "Dumb Apple."
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Ironically, your choice of Power Computing as an example of Apple burning folks is a poor one.

Apple bought key assets of Power Computing for $100m of Apple stock and $10m cash back in September '97, buying back their cloning license in the process. In January 1998 when Power Computing finally shut down, those shares were distributed pro-rata amongst Power Computing's shareholders.

Apple's share price back in September '97 was about $5 per share. Come January '98 they were worth slightly less, but by January '99 they were at about $11, January '00 about $28. (It wasn't all up - you have to go to the end of 2004 to go higher than that.) For those that stuck it out, their shares are now worth 100x what they were.

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