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Windows "Microsoft has greatly improved its Windows 8 multiple monitor support in the Consumer Preview version of the operating system, but the company has fine tuned this even more with the upcoming Release Preview. Mark Yalovsky, a member of Microsoft's User Experience team, has taken to the company's Building Windows 8 blog to detail a number of important improvements in the Release Preview, including improved mouse targeting on shared edges and the ability to launch Metro apps on any monitor. Although the post in question has been mysteriously removed by Microsoft, we managed to secure the details thanks to a Google cached version." Very welcome.
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RE: It'll be interesting
by jbauer on Wed 16th May 2012 21:13 UTC in reply to "It'll be interesting"
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to hear from the people who were judging the Release Preview based off of a handful of leaked screenshots (from a non-final interim build.) You know, the people saying MSFT wouldn't improve a thing.

Where are you all now?

Until they make Metro optional, no improvement will be enough to compensate for it.

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