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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless An interesting study has been making the rounds across the web these past 24 hours. The creators of OpenSignalMaps have been logging which new devices download their product, and they've collected data on 681900 devices. The results are... Diverse.
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by orsg on Wed 16th May 2012 21:57 UTC
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Did anyone notice, how this word is used almost exclusively to describe Androids natural diversity in a negative way?

Anyone ever read of angry Windows-developers, complaining about the "Fragmentation" of Windows, that they have to support versions from XP to 7 running on Netbooks to 40" TVs.
Or the "Fragmentation" of the web, that they have to support different formfactors and not only different versions of standards, but several implementations of those (even without IE it's not easy).

In each of these scenarios, diversity is considered demanding but natural. Somehow mobile OSes seem to be different...

EDIT: This was not meant to be a request to be disproven. Of course there are articles of complaining web and windows devs, but those are not nearly as prominent as the Android fragmentation story nowadays

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