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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless An interesting study has been making the rounds across the web these past 24 hours. The creators of OpenSignalMaps have been logging which new devices download their product, and they've collected data on 681900 devices. The results are... Diverse.
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Open Signal Maps
by Priest on Thu 17th May 2012 02:40 UTC
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I somehow never knew about this platform before but their website is really useful. As far as fragmentation, I don't see that as being a problem but there are some issues with carriers lagging way behind Android release cycle.

Right now there is just 1 or 2 phone on the market in the US running ICS 6 months or so after it launched for ~2% of the market share. It matters.

A friend recently bought a Motorola RAZR in part because the phone was supposed to get ICS in Q1. Now I don't think the phone is supposed to get ICS till Q3 (a full year after the launch of ICS).

I can see ICS being an afterthought for my phone I got over 2 years ago but if I went out and bought the flagship phone from Motorola today I could see expecting ICS before ~October.

Don't get me wrong, Android 2.x is still great but they are missing a lot of opportunity.

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