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Apple "Production is set to begin next month for the screens, which measure at least 4 inches diagonally compared with 3.5 inches on the iPhone 4S, the latest phone from Apple, the people said." Cue the usual suspects twisting and turning to change the very fabric of space-time so that instead of 3.5" being the optimal size, 4.0" will be the optimal size. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.
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I do agree that screen size is not the only thing that makes it pocketable. Nor does the weight.

What does a phone to be more pocketable:
- size - it is a 3D device and being slimmer is very important
- form - rounded corners help a lot, so does Nexus S rounded screen (but the price is too big - no Gorilla Glass)

Also - not all dimensions are equal in importance - 2 mm are important to make a phone slimmer, but not important for screen size. Also 1 extra cm in wide might be a deal breaker, while in length is ok.

My personal opinion - 4 - 4.3 inch are comfortable in most pockets (all but the very tight ones). 4.7 - not so sure, but haven't tried.
My opinion is based on the fact that I like to use a leather case to protect the phone.

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