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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless An interesting study has been making the rounds across the web these past 24 hours. The creators of OpenSignalMaps have been logging which new devices download their product, and they've collected data on 681900 devices. The results are... Diverse.
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RE: "Fragmentation"
by spiderman on Thu 17th May 2012 08:07 UTC in reply to ""Fragmentation""
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"Fragmentation" of Android is the little picture. It happens when a developers is working on an Android application and is frustrated that his application, tested on his device has a bug on another device. It costs him a little time to fix the bug he had not foreseen and this is a frustration moment. it's even worse if you have to fix the bug on Monday morning. You swear at the platform and through the word "Fragmentation" at it.
In the big picture, it actually costs nothing and you can support many more devices or you can restrict your application to some specs. The real "Fragmentation" is that there is a whole team dedicated to porting the application to Symbian, iOS, WP, Android and other incompatible devices with incompatible APIs. You have to use several ways of distributing it to support each platform. This actually costs a lot of money. The developer just see his little platform and thinks it is fragmented but in the big picture the fragmentation comes from there being different platforms.

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