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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless An interesting study has been making the rounds across the web these past 24 hours. The creators of OpenSignalMaps have been logging which new devices download their product, and they've collected data on 681900 devices. The results are... Diverse.
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by dragos.pop on Thu 17th May 2012 14:41 UTC in reply to "Thought"
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Personally, I'm surprised at the whole screen resolution being such a bother to developers. Haven't we been making applications that can withstand arbitrary viewport sizes (window resizing) for the better part of a decade now?

It looks like this. Fast answer is yes, but reality is different:
First of all most mobile developers are not used with this any more AND
For desktop:
1) The DPI didn't increase so fast
2) Apps were not made to work full screen only
3) Touchscreen (mouse adapts easier to changes in DPI)
4) Screen size was not an issue

How does this influence:
1: - Don't need to take care about font size, icon size..., you can assume it will be readable
3: - Don't have to be sure the buttons are big enough to press them easy while small enough to use less screen size.
2: - you don't have to make each app resizable, most dialogs could have fix size.
4: - didn't have to think the interface so well to display all info needed, while taking care that on small screens it should be visible, on big ones uses all space and still look good.

Over all the biggest problem is that you have to create a GUI that looks good and is usable on a 2.5 inch X10 mini, and a 5.3 Galaxy Note.
Most GUIs that worked ok on a 15 inch 800*400px display, also worked ok on a full HD 22inch screen

The upside of mobiles is:
Each OEM knows the size and DPI of the display, so the OS can display the UI right (size of buttons...), with little help from developers: font size resolution independent, use a dynamic layout, be smart about how you place elements - try to use vertical layout as much as possible
Most important thing is to use standard GUI elements, or derive from them, do not create your own GUI framework just because you like it.

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