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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless So, the new HTC phones are facing delays in the US, and they now ship with a slightly modified US-specific Android build which removes data tapping and sports an altered app associations screen to avoid Apple's patents. This is step one. Step two is companies avoiding the litigious and anti-consumer messes that are the US and German markets altogether. Clearly, IP laws are working to the benefit of the consumer and the market as a whole. Great work guys.
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I hate apple and iOS is overrated
by pooo on Thu 17th May 2012 19:50 UTC
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(1) Seriously, they are dicks.
(2) iOS is *worse* than Android 4.0 in every single way except iOS does have more and *sometimes* better 3rd party apps. Stock apps for Android are *way* better for people who use the Google ecosystem in particular. Maps, email, IM, calendar: apps are way better than with iOS and integration is like 1000X better.

I had never owned an iOS device until a few months ago when I was forced to buy an iPad2 and an iPhone for work. I honestly came into it expecting the usability of iOS and the overall experience to be much better. I assumed it was true. I was honestly shocked to find how bad iOS was. I think it is still riding the rep it captured when it was first released and it was like 100 years better than Windows Mobile and Android was still very crappy.

Where iOS *is* much better is when you compare the usability to vendor versions of Android which are bewildering and ugly. I do concede that. But iOS loses hard compared to stock from google Android 4.0.

Anyway, this is just a rant (I know offtopic) because Apple is pissing me off this morning ;)

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