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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless So, the new HTC phones are facing delays in the US, and they now ship with a slightly modified US-specific Android build which removes data tapping and sports an altered app associations screen to avoid Apple's patents. This is step one. Step two is companies avoiding the litigious and anti-consumer messes that are the US and German markets altogether. Clearly, IP laws are working to the benefit of the consumer and the market as a whole. Great work guys.
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RE[2]: How "original"
by wocowboy on Fri 18th May 2012 10:57 UTC in reply to "RE: How "original""
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Wow, did I say all of that? LOL Whether software patents are legal, necessary, or proper, or should be thrown out wholesale is a whole other topic. And for the record, I AGREE that software patents are stupid, but they exist, so until someone changes the associated laws, both people and companies must abide by those laws.

So, the fact remains, that a court found that HTC's phones infringe some of Apple's copyrights, and they should have licensed them before shipping phones to this country. That's pretty simple. They might even also infringe on other companies' patents as well, but those have not been adjudicated. Therefore, HTC could have avoided this situation by licensing the patents from anyone involved, but they decided not to and just go ahead and ship their phones, and got caught at it. I suppose if you think that banks are unethical institutions, then that makes it OK to go rob a bank instead of going into the bank and applying for a loan if you want money?

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