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Windows A long - very long - blog post justifying all the ideas and choices behind Windows 8. We've all been here before, but it's nice to have it all summed up once again for easy reference in case we hit another yes/no debate on Windows 8 and keyboard and mouse. Anywho, the most interesting bit is that Microsoft has updated the theme of the traditional desktop, flattening it to achieve a very nice look.
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by MollyC on Fri 18th May 2012 23:51 UTC in reply to "Comment by Luminair"
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Most of Steve Sinofsky's blog entries have a great deal of PR in them, because he's a VP; PR is a major reason for the "Buiding Windows 8" blog, whether the entries are written by Sinofky, Jensen Harris, Thom's crush Julie Larson-Green, or somebody else. (Though at times the entries in that blog are more like the normal MSDN blogs written by programmers, that are less about PR and more about technical stuff.)

As for "it won't convince anyone not already in the cult", I don't know. But I'll agree that it won't convince anyone that's in the "Windows 8 sucks" cult, that's for sure. Then again, there are those that think President Obama is an America-hating, Kenyan-born, Muslim Marxist, and no matter what you say, you simply cannot convince them otherwise.

Maybe the blog entry is indeed PR, but that's because the "Windows 8 sucks" cult would have folks believe that the decisions made in creating Windows 8 were made with absolutely no good reasoning whatsoever. What's wrong with Microsoft putting forth their reasoning for their decisions and countering the constant FUD spewed by the "Windows 8 sucks" cult?

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