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Apple "Between 2009 and 2011, Apple acquired three mapping companies in quick succession: Placebase, in 2009; 3-D mapping outfit Poly9 in 2010; and in 2011, C3 Technologies, a second 3-D mapping company. Three mapping-company acquisitions in as many years. But for good reason: Apple has been hard at work developing its own in-house mapping solution for iOS, and now it's finally ready to debut it." I'm probably crazy, but I've never used the map applications on my mobile phones, so it's difficult for me to get excited about this.
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RE: Map app ?
by zima on Fri 18th May 2012 23:59 UTC in reply to "Map app ?"
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EDGE data connections are too slow (and 3G is too power-hungry*)

Which is a bit sad, in the sense that we mostly don't bother to make something like map data working nicely over EDGE... while, few years back, I successfully did Diablo II online gaming over EDGE.
Anyway, maps should be normally fully precached in such applications (like Nokia does it), with only some realtime info relying on data connection.

BTW, EDGE is 3G ;) (as defined by International Telecommunication Union). Too bad Evolved EDGE doesn't see deployment, it would be quite decent (and quite desirable, seeing how GSM will probably remain the "baseline" worldwide standard for a long time - I wouldn't be surprised if it effectively outlives 3G)

I don't feel very comfortable with telling megacorps where I am and relying on their instructions for my everyday life.

OTOH, I do see the utility of not only "places which I have never gone to", but also of optimising our daily routes ...on a large scale, it should also end up "green".

Anyway, GPS is not so bad... check out how this Chinese navigation system functions, it's simply wonderful when it comes to ~surveillance ;)

* Seriously, the next generations of mobile networks should focus more on power consumption on the terminal side IMO. Speed is pretty much good enough now

Individual theoretical speed yes, but not the overall capacity of networks.

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