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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "As April draws to a close we are pleased to share more code for Open webOS. This month's scheduled release includes support for Node.js as well as updates to Enyo and Ares. In addition, we are pleased to announce early delivery of the System Manager Bus (which was originally scheduled for July) and a release of three policy components based on our Platform Portability Layer. We're happy to be ahead of schedule in getting this component of the Open webOS platform into your hands." Can't wait for the day I can run an up-to-date WebOS version on my SII.
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RE[5]: So...
by Fergy on Sat 19th May 2012 05:36 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: So..."
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The only apps that will work on anyone else's device are those webpages that are already in existence now.

So the people in Mozilla claiming otherwise are dumb?
Why do you need a marketplace for them? Isn't that just a limited version of Google? Just a terrible waste of Mozilla's scarce resources, IMHO.

The huge success of apps should give you clue about why making a webpage into an app is a good idea.

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