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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Smartphones have become the preferred computer of the masses. Sales surpassed those of personal computers in 2010, having grown over 50% per year for several years. Nearly 500 million smartphones shipped in 2011. This radically shifts the terrain in the consumer operating system competition that was, for years, firmly decided in favor of Windows. This article analyzes the New OS Wars.
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More than 100%
by Dedoimedo on Sun 20th May 2012 05:13 UTC
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I think the graphs are horribly wrong. They portray a picture where supposedly mobile device are replacing the traditional desktop/laptop rather than supplementing them.

Whoever has a smartphone of some sort probably also has another computer, most likely with Windows. Two parallel markets, no need to bunch them together. And it's wrong to bunch them together.

So saying that Windows market will drop to 50% in a few years is ridiculous. It is like counting all Linux appliances are Linux installations and claiming a huge market share for Linux. Yes, if you count all routers, TVs and such, then Linux has billions of installed devices worldwide.

Huge sales for smartphones cannot be compared to desktop sales, either. You buy a desktop for 5-6 years, while people tend to replace smartphones every 2 years. Smartphones are also much cheaper, so 1 to 1 ratio is wrong, again. And never forget the fact that people still use both or complement their overall computing experience with both types.

Therefore, it's not so much market pie sharing, it's making the pie bigger - or even adding another pie to the market.

And then, it starts to make sense. Some.

Edit: Brendan, spot on.


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