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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Smartphones have become the preferred computer of the masses. Sales surpassed those of personal computers in 2010, having grown over 50% per year for several years. Nearly 500 million smartphones shipped in 2011. This radically shifts the terrain in the consumer operating system competition that was, for years, firmly decided in favor of Windows. This article analyzes the New OS Wars.
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by David on Mon 21st May 2012 04:29 UTC in reply to "Comment by RichterKuato"
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I think that even "ignorant" PC consumers know enough that even if they don't really understand operating systems, they'd steer clear of a non-Windows PC, because most are educated enough to know that it wouldn't run the programs they want to run. That's why Apple marketshare flattened and attempts at getting people to buy cheap Linux PCs fell flat.

It's not about Windows branding, but about the stigma of a non-Windows PC. Just like people may not know much about cars, but word on the street is that the car from Yugoslavia sucks and you shouldn't buy one even if it's cheap. (Hey, finally an apt OS car analogy!)

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