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Apple "To me, a personal computer should be small, reliable, convenient to use and inexpensive." You'll want to read this: Steve Wozniak's original description of the Apple ][, published in May 1977 in Byte Magazine.
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Sweet16, a bytecode interpreter!
by gus3 on Mon 21st May 2012 05:06 UTC
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Granted, the primary purpose of the interpreter is to manipulate 16-bit pointers on an 8-bit system, but I have to wonder:

If BrainF*ck is Turing-complete, and Conway's Game of Life can simulate a Turing-complete system, can Sweet16 also be considered Turing-complete?

It almost gives me a headache. Conway's Game of Life, running a BrainF*ck interpreter, implementing a Sweet16 virtual machine. Owwww....

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