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Multimedia, AV "With over 3 million downloads per episode, the HBO hit series Game of Thrones is without doubt the most pirated TV-show of the season. Data gathered by TorrentFreak shows that most of the pirates come from Australia, while London tops the list of pirate cities. But why have these people turned to BitTorrent?" Because in order to get it legally, I have to take a monthly subscription costing me €15 per month. So instead, I buy the season box sets as they come out, and download them every Monday morning in the meantime.
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RE: The convenience of piracy
by Erunno on Mon 21st May 2012 10:41 UTC in reply to "The convenience of piracy"
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I have the habit to download most of the stuff I bought for the reasons you outlined. It's far more convenient to keep everything on a streaming file server than on physical media. Call me lazy but right now I don't even have to get up and search for the disks, put them into the player and bring them back after usage should I suddenly feel the urge to watch (or listen to) something. My almost complete media library is always just a few clicks away. I also don't have to keep the disks around in the living space but can keep them safely stashed away in the basement.

The other way around: I've bought a *lot* of stuff after watching the downloaded version first simply to express my support for certain formats in the only language corporations understand: money. I'm sure I wouldn't have bought half the stuff I own if I didn't have a chance to, er, sample it beforehand because the prices are usually high enough to prevent impulse purchases.

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