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Multimedia, AV "With over 3 million downloads per episode, the HBO hit series Game of Thrones is without doubt the most pirated TV-show of the season. Data gathered by TorrentFreak shows that most of the pirates come from Australia, while London tops the list of pirate cities. But why have these people turned to BitTorrent?" Because in order to get it legally, I have to take a monthly subscription costing me €15 per month. So instead, I buy the season box sets as they come out, and download them every Monday morning in the meantime.
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RE[6]: I can't get HBO
by spudley99 on Mon 21st May 2012 12:03 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: I can't get HBO"
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So how does the British IRS know whether you've tuned your TV? Do you swear an affidavit or what? Presumably one could buy a TV set to play with a Raspberry Pi, for example.

They're called the HMRC (Her Magesty's Revenue Collection).

They know who has a TV because the shops selling them are required to take your details and provide it to the HMRC. (that includes any TV-capable equipment such as a TV tuner card for a PC, though it doesn't [currently] cover internet-based viewing)

And yes, you can notify them that you don't have a TV at your address.

But by default, they pretty much assume any given address has a TV unless they've been notified otherwise.

I had a period a number of years ago when I didn't have a TV. They sent me the standard "You don't have a license" letter, and I sent the form back with the "I don't have a TV" box ticked. I didn't hear from them again until I bought another TV, about a year and a half later.

Yes, I agree it's not ideal, but in my experience they don't hassle you unless they have a reason to. And I'll reiterate my previous statement that I believe the license fee gives excellent value for money when compared with the subscription TV services.

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