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Multimedia, AV "With over 3 million downloads per episode, the HBO hit series Game of Thrones is without doubt the most pirated TV-show of the season. Data gathered by TorrentFreak shows that most of the pirates come from Australia, while London tops the list of pirate cities. But why have these people turned to BitTorrent?" Because in order to get it legally, I have to take a monthly subscription costing me €15 per month. So instead, I buy the season box sets as they come out, and download them every Monday morning in the meantime.
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RE[4]: I can't get HBO
by MrWeeble on Mon 21st May 2012 18:08 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: I can't get HBO"
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The reason is mainly historical. Back in the early days of broadcasting (the era of Marconi) there was very little difference between transmitting equipment and receiving equipment, and to prevent the airwaves getting cluttered it was necessary to obtain a license to operate a "Wireless Telegraphy Station". By the 20s, the majority of "stations" became domestic radios, which were incapable of transmitting, but by this time it had become a nice little earner for the government, so they instituted a separate broadcast receiving license, which is a tax in all but name (legally it is classified as a tax). In order to make it more palatable when the government took over the British Broadcasting Company and formed the British Broadcasting Corporation, it became a hypothecated tax to fund public broadcasting.

So we all know it is a tax, but are happy to call it something else because the UK tends to be reluctant to change things just to tidy things up

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