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Internet & Networking According to StatCounter's figures (whatever they're worth) Chrome is now the most popular browser in the world, overtaking Internet Explorer for the first time. How times change. Let's hope Google, Firefox, and Opera have some good Metro stuff coming up, because IE on Windows 8 has a terrible UI.
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RE[2]: Or not
by _xmv on Tue 22nd May 2012 01:58 UTC in reply to "RE: Or not"
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They also said that it made no very little to no change to their stats, which, well, you know, it's not because it's written black & white that it means it's true.

It's obviously not possible to have a so little difference and I believe they did this to preserve their apparent integrity.

Here's a times article that compares all stats from various "counters":

The disparity is just too big to be legit. Clicky and net applications actually look more or less in the same ballpark (with the difference that netapplication weights by country which explains the IE lead).

In fact, if Netapplication would stop doing that, publish graphs with IE being 5% lower and say that "it made no or little difference", that'd be exactly what statcounter does.

Of course it would be interesting to see the results from adclicks.. err adsense.

Somehow, I don't see them bragging.

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