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Windows For Microsoft, the traditional desktop is old news. It's on its way out, it's legacy, and the harder they claim the desktop has equal rights, the sillier it becomes. With companies, words are meaningless, it's actions that matter, and here Microsoft's actions tell the real story. The company has announced the product line-up for Visual Studio 11, and the free Express can no longer be used to create desktop applications. Message is clear.
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Article is incorrect
by geleto on Tue 22nd May 2012 07:20 UTC
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While VS2011 Express will not come with the Windows Platform SDK by default I really doubt that MS will actively prevent you from linking your application to it. And this is not the first time this happens - the Visual Studio versions before 2008 came without the SDK - and you had to install it separately in order to develop Win32 apps. And of course you can use other APIs - like wxWidgets ot Qt.

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