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Google "Sure enough, a product listing provides a lot more detail about the tiny Chrome OS desktop than Samsung gave us in January, including its use of a 1.9GHz, dual-core Celeron B840, 4GB of DDR3 memory, a 16GB solid-state drive and six (not five) USB ports. We haven't seen mention of the promised wireless keyboard and mouse bundle, although the retailer's configuration might reflect a stripped-down trim level: at $330, it's a lot less than the $400 we were quoted at the start of the year." A $400 ChromeOS desktop box? Good luck with that.
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4GB RAM for a Browser?
by gan17 on Wed 23rd May 2012 02:01 UTC
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4GB of Memory seems a bit much for what's basically a browser kiosk, isn't it?

I know some people tend to have a lot of stuff open, but I've run multiple tabs on (albeit an older version of) Chromium + an entire Linux OS behind it on an old 32bit Pentium Dual Core + 1GB RAM without the system needing to reach for the swap partition.

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