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Legal "He's one of 10 reverse-engineers working full time for a stealthy company funded by some of the biggest names in technology: Apple, Microsoft, Research In Motion, Sony, and Ericsson. Called the Rockstar Consortium, the 32-person outfit has a single-minded mission: It examines successful products, like routers and smartphones, and it tries to find proof that these products infringe on a portfolio of over 4,000 technology patents once owned by one of the world's largest telecommunications companies. When a Rockstar engineer uncovers evidence of infringement, the company documents it, contacts the manufacturer, and demands licensing fees for the patents in question. The demand is backed by the implicit threat of a patent lawsuit in federal court." And then people wonder why I call Apple and Microsoft patent trolls. These are the people destroying this industry, with Apple, Microsoft, RIM, etc. money. Sickeningly low.
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by cyrilleberger on Wed 23rd May 2012 06:33 UTC in reply to "Public service"
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Rockstar Consortium should be made to examine patent applications for prior art. A company like Google* should do a deal: "we'll pay you double what RIMSAppleSonyEricsson pays you to find prior art that invalidates their patents".

Rockstar is not paid by RIMSAppleSonyEricssonMicrosoft, actually they are supposed to pay them with the money they collect, so I am not sure who this WhiteKnightGoogle would pays to find prior art... Besides, as far as I know there is no way you can invalidate a patent until you are sued for infringement (which kind of sucks).

* I say Google because I honestly can't think of another company who would attempt to be nice to us peasants. And that is a sad state of the world.

I will break your dreams right here, Google is as much willing to screw you the peasant as any other company in the world. And there is plenty of proof of that already.

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