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Windows For Microsoft, the traditional desktop is old news. It's on its way out, it's legacy, and the harder they claim the desktop has equal rights, the sillier it becomes. With companies, words are meaningless, it's actions that matter, and here Microsoft's actions tell the real story. The company has announced the product line-up for Visual Studio 11, and the free Express can no longer be used to create desktop applications. Message is clear.
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RE[7]: What will their use be?
by lucas_maximus on Wed 23rd May 2012 12:03 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: What will their use be?"
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No I'm not. I said, over reliance on the IDE to do all of the work is a common sign of a brogrammer. For example, I code every day and I've never touched re-sharper. Apparently you find that astonishing. I also use Winforms, because our entire application suite was written in 2002 and the cost of redeveloping it with every whim that Microsoft has is not desirable. We could stay on VS2008 forever, should we choose to.

Yes you did.

I don't use Resharper, but anything that makes my job quicker and easier ... I am up for it.

That doesn't make me a "brogrammer", it makes me want to be more productive. If tools like Resharper and Code Rush help me become more productive, then I am all up for them.

However I am pretty fed up of being told by developers that I am "not as good as them" because I choose to use things that make me more productive as for some reason that makes me a lesser being.

OMG.. please! It's a whole new VM backend. 2.0 to 3.5 is a safe bet, but 4.0 - no. That would require a complete regression test of all software. If it ain't broken, no point in fixing it. As we deal with corporations, Windows XP and Windows 7 are here to stay for us for the foreseeable future. The only reason we may have to move to 4 is ASP.Net MVC and Razor.

So because you don't use it ... it is suddenly niche?

I appreciate it is a new VM, but I haven't seen anything break being run on 4.0 as yet.

Yeah, "entry level". In no way does that mean "student and learning". Honestly, if I buy and "entry level" Car in a specific range, do I have to be a learner driver? No. Same deal here. You are incorrect, plain and simple. Nowhere on the Microsoft MSDN or VS sites do they state "Express is intended only for education" or words to that effect. Nowhere.

The car analogy ... here we go.

Everywhere I have worked that was a Microsoft House, it was Visual Studio Pro or above and SQL Server Developer Edition.

You can argue the toss all your want, but it is a cut down product to give people a "taster" ... it is pretty freaking obvious to me and most other people I have spoken to at my work.

I am pretty bored with this conversation so I am out.

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