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Legal We've got some really good news for all of you: the jury verdict in the patent phase of the Oracle v. Google trial is in, and it's a unanimous one: no patent infringement. This means that the most Oracle could possibly get out of this is a few hundred thousand dollars if (and that's a very big if) judge Alsup rules that APIs are copyrightable. Oracle pretty much lost everything. Permit me to say, in your face, Ellison.
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YEAH ! suck it Ellison
by bowkota on Wed 23rd May 2012 21:32 UTC
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Views on software didn't appear to be the only influencing factor in play either, with Thompson suggesting that "a couple of jurors admired the younger attorney on the Google side" — Daniel Purcell — "maybe not only because he seemed to be a good attorney, but for other reasons."


I don't know what's more stupid. Software patents or having a jury trial on something intricate as this?

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