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Google Google CEO Larry Page was interviewed on Charlie Rose recently, and there was certainly some interesting stuff in there. Sadly, the interview suffers from the curse of modern journalism in that it was all a bit timid and civil (no truly harsh and confronting questions), but despite that, it's still a good watch. Two quotes from Page really stood out to me.
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RE[3]: are you kidding?
by JAlexoid on Thu 24th May 2012 00:03 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: are you kidding?"
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Particularly if those guys were deeply imbued with a shared culture that all information should be free and open to Google...

I'm sorry, do you know them personally to make such conclusions?

There is zero evidence that Apple "have been looking to shutdown the Android competition, which hasn't really been working out swell for them"

Asserting patent claims that go beyond the UI and anything visual is, in fact, such evidence. I can understand that "slide-to-unlock" is more of a visual element, but real time API patent?

At that point Android had to retool and reorient and it had to adopt the same design paradigm as the iPhone and be at least good enough so that the Android OEMs could sell against the iPhone.

Ask Diane Hackborn about it, or read her comments.

No one makes much money from mobile advertising.

Google made 7% of their total revenue, that is not a small amount.

I remain unconvinced that Android is the correct answer to Google's long term problems with mobile and I think they remain between a rock and hard place. I wonder if an ever deeper alliance with Apple might have been a better bet, but I understand that maybe Google thought it too risky because a rampant and dominant Apple might have screwed them eventually. Tough call.

Deeper alliance with Apple wouldn't have made a difference in the situation, while still leaving Google "out cold" if Apple ever decided to ditch Google. Android is the moat around their castle, that works perfectly well.

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