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Legal "The widely anticipated two-day meeting between chief executives of Samsung and Apple yielded no agreement between the parties mired in a hot legal dispute over copyright infringements." Why end fruitless litigation and spend that money on improving products or, I don't know, charity, when you could throw money at lawyers instead, to the benefit of absolutely no one? These lawsuits are Jobs' blemish on the company, but Apple can't back out now for fear of losing face, even though Cook has indicated he really wants to. Petty.
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RE[2]: What a surprise
by cyrilleberger on Thu 24th May 2012 14:18 UTC in reply to "RE: What a surprise"
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Personally along with everyone else i think it's stupid to try and patent ideas such as these, if it wasn't for Volvo we wouldn't have the seat belt in every car and if it wasn't for Mercedes Benz we wouldn't have anti-lock brakes. The key is not to invent something and then rest on your laurels, as indeed steve jobs said you have to skate to where the puck will be not to where it is.

Lets kill this car analogy, once and for all, we have seat belts in every car because states regulation say that every cars should have seat belts, Volvo was merely a step on the way to such regulation, path that was started in the 19th Century, and before the invention of the three-points seat belt, many other inventors and companies have worked on the concept. Mercedes did not invent ABS, it was first invented in 1920s by Gabriel Voisin for airplanes, and after many companies including Mercedes, Chrysler, BMW, GM, Nissan... have worked on improving the concept.

So what does the car analogy told us ? That those great invention (seat-belt and ABS) were actually the results of many people and companies building on the invention brought by others. And the interesting thing is that Volvo did not block competitors to use the three-point seat belt. And that is the problem most people have with Apple, they are trying to block competition, while they have build their technologies upon the work on others, they don't want other to build and improve technologies upon their work.

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