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Google Google CEO Larry Page was interviewed on Charlie Rose recently, and there was certainly some interesting stuff in there. Sadly, the interview suffers from the curse of modern journalism in that it was all a bit timid and civil (no truly harsh and confronting questions), but despite that, it's still a good watch. Two quotes from Page really stood out to me.
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RE[5]: are you kidding?
by JAlexoid on Thu 24th May 2012 16:35 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: are you kidding?"
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But how is that evidence of Apple's strategic goals?

Actually using it as an offensive weapon? It's more of an evidence than "I've read about them a lot".

Spouting inaccurate hyperbole is never good for one's cause in my experience.

Yep. I will turn this sentence in your second paragraph against your first paragraph.

First off one has to bear in mind that Google make more money from iOS than from Android

So? You did use the word "mobile", didn't you? (Not android, not smartphones, not iOS.)

Finally as a comparison of the merits of relative business strategies one can compare Google's mobile business strategy (Android) to Apple's (selling integrated devices attached to content stacks).

Google's mobile strategy is obviously not Android only. In fact, considering the options, Android was the best business decision Google made in mobile.
But hey, if you can compare a product company's overall business strategy and a service company's overall business strategy and say one of them is better, you might want to claim that oranges are better than apples.(or maybe you're implying that oranges should become apples?)

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