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Google Google CEO Larry Page was interviewed on Charlie Rose recently, and there was certainly some interesting stuff in there. Sadly, the interview suffers from the curse of modern journalism in that it was all a bit timid and civil (no truly harsh and confronting questions), but despite that, it's still a good watch. Two quotes from Page really stood out to me.
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RE[3]: are you kidding?
by JAlexoid on Thu 24th May 2012 16:51 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: are you kidding?"
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They have zero market now, due in no small part to google's actions.

Sorry, what?!?!
J2ME or Java ME was essentially killed off when iPhone came out without support for it. If anything, Oracle should be kissing Google's feet for keeping Java(in whatever form it is) in the mobile market.

Sun had the most to do with Java ME's destruction.

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