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Legal "The widely anticipated two-day meeting between chief executives of Samsung and Apple yielded no agreement between the parties mired in a hot legal dispute over copyright infringements." Why end fruitless litigation and spend that money on improving products or, I don't know, charity, when you could throw money at lawyers instead, to the benefit of absolutely no one? These lawsuits are Jobs' blemish on the company, but Apple can't back out now for fear of losing face, even though Cook has indicated he really wants to. Petty.
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RE[4]: What a surprise
by Fergy on Thu 24th May 2012 21:01 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: What a surprise"
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I used a car analogy as i hoped it would be the quickest way to convey the point that the patient system on technology is strangling invention and that the only way to stay on top is to keep innovating past your competitors not to keep them down with laws/patents.

I don't know about the rest of the people here but a car analogy is equal to a laundry detergent analogy to me.

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